Creative realist

I help create innovative interactive campaigns and applications for leading brands. I clarify relationships and align strategy, ux/design and technology to produce the best possible result.


What is the context?
Who are the users?
What are their problems?


How should the project interact with users to solve the stated problems?


Integrate design/tech with available resources for the most effective solution.


Is the project a success?
Has any criteria changed?
What could be improved?


I am a creative realist. I work with innovative teams on inspiring and challenging projects. I find solutions to technical and creative problems, then I help implement them.

With over a decade of experience in digital media I bring a breadth of understanding to every project. I have both a technical and creative background which gives me an analytic mindset alongside an eye for design. I am a team player with strong communication skills and director level experience. I use a hands on approach to engage multi-disciplinary teams and diverse stakeholders.

I am comfortable managing the entire digital process from concept to delivery.

Aaron Howell

Aaron Howell

Senior creative producer and technical manager / lead

accurate • communicative • considerate • consistent • craftsman • critical • curious • design oriented • detail oriented • direct • efficient • flexible • hands-on • hard working • multi-disciplinarian • personable • resourceful • strategic • technical • well spoken


What I can offer depends a lot on the actual project and its existing resources. Most of what I do can be broken down into the following broad categories.

Digital production management

Do you have a great project and need to make sure that the development team stays on target and delivers on time? I lead internal and external development teams to optimal results. For me deliverables are king, but process plays a key role.

Design - tech interlocutor

So much gets lost in translation. Are you having communication problems between the design and tech teams? I have experience in all aspects of digital design and production. This allows me to meaningully connect the dots between design and tech.

Strategy consultant

How far do you look towards the horizon? Can you continue to work towards your existing goals? What is the most important thing to do right now? I can help you understand the technical and process implications of these choices.

Technical leadership

Do you need to choose the correct technologies for your project? Are you creating an API? Is developer A proposing one solution, while developer B proposing another? I can help you assess the options to best align your project with what is available.

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